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Voucher 10000 unemployed

Voucher 10000 ανέργων

Applications for the Voucher program for 10,000 unemployed people were opened with the title: "Counseling, Support, Training, Certification and Promotion in Employment of Unemployed people aged 30-49 in cutting-edge technical skills"

Object of the Action

The object of the action is the provision of professional counseling, continuing vocational training services (theoretical training and internship) and certification to 10,000 unemployed registered with OAED, aged 30-49 in selected cutting edge sectors (technical professions) with the system of training checks training voucher):

Purpose of the Program

The purpose of the action is to strengthen and upgrade the qualifications and skills of the participants through combined counseling, training and certification actions and to facilitate their integration / reintegration into the labor market. Beneficiaries will be trained and certified in the fields of technical professions ωφελούμενοι θα καταρτιστούν και πιστοποιηθούν στους τομείς τεχνικών επαγγελμάτων:

  • manufacturing / industry, construction,
  • health - welfare,
  • tourism and food

programme content

  • Two hundred (200) hours theoretical training program..
  • Internship - on the job training - in companies, organizations and legal entities of the private sector with a related object of activity, lasting a total of three hundred eighty (380) hours.
  • Vocational counseling services
  • Certification of knowledge and skills that will be acquired under the training program

Eligibility - Beneficiaries

Unemployed have the right to participate,who meet the following conditions:

  • They are registered in the Unemployment Registers of OAED,regardless of whether they receive unemployment benefit or not and are out of Education, Employment or Training.
  • They belong to the age group 30-49 years..
  • They are graduates of at least compulsory secondary education

Educational Allowance

Each trainee will receive with the completion of the program a total educational allowance of € 2,520:

  • 1.520€ internship allowance lasting 380 hours (380 hours * 4.00 euros / hour) €
  • 1.000€ theoretical training allowance lasting 200 hours (200 hours * 5.00 euros / hour

Selection Criteria (Scoring)

  • Duration of continuous unemployment
  • Declared Income individual / family (tax year 2019)
  • Professional Experience in community service programs

The submission of applications will be active from 23/12/2020 and time 14.00 to 01/02/2021 and time 14.00