Kimina: 2391041563 - Sindos: 2310796964 - Adendro: 2391031985

About us

European Language Centers Niki P. Karathanasi

English, German, Italian, French,

Spanish, Russian, Turkish

Informatics, Lifelong Learning Center


The Karathanasi European Language Centers were established in 1991, 1993, 2006 in Thessaloniki and specifically in Kimina, Adendro and Sindos of Thessaloniki respectively. Our centers are intertwined with quality and effectiveness in foreign language and IT teaching.

Our perfect operation is based on:


  • for complete organization of our educational programs,


  • for successful selection of books,,


  • to our excellent teachers with years of experience and continuous training in in the rapidly development field of foreign language education and


  • in the love of leadership that is constantly vigilant in providing high quality services to our students.

Our goal and our wish is to gain knowledge easily and to obtain your degrees without difficulty because we know and can show you the way.

Along with the rapid developments in the industry, we are pleased to announce that following the decision of the National Organization for Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (EOPEPP) taking into account the provisions of Law 4093/2012 and with decision received at the
191st - 19/11/15 meeting he is licensed for Lifelong Learning Center 1 by the body named Niki P. Karathanasi. As KDBM we focus on Education and Lifelong Learning for people of all ages. 

We're aiming:

  • create a positive attitude towards learning


  • enhancing equal access to education


  • the creative use of leisure time


  • enhancing access to the job market and  


  • linking or reconnecting with the adult education process, who for whatever reason did not complete compulsory education

Thus we create equal opportunities for all in the rapidly evolving and growing field of education in our country. Our hope and goal is to achieve your goal and improve your life.

Niki Karathanasi