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Account for Employment and Job Training

This is an account managed by the OAED and whose income comes from part of the employers' contributions paid by IKA. Specifically, each company pays monthly to LAEK equal to 0.45% of its employees' gross earnings

This contribution is compulsorily paid by all employers, for insured persons belonging to at least one OAED insurance branch, contributes to the IKA contributions and is calculated on the earnings on which the IKA contributions are calculated.

What is LAEK Worker Training Program -0.45%?

Each year OAED compiles and notifies the LAEK-0.45% Employee Training Program, which enables businesses to recover their 0.45% employer contribution. In order to recover this employer contribution, businesses must implement education and training programs for their staff in accordance with the terms of the LAEK-0.45% Program as set out in the OAED Annual Circular.

What educational and training programs are covered by LAEK?

The LAEK-0.45% program may include:

  1. Training Programs in Greece.
  2. Postgraduate or other long-term educational programs in Greece.
  3. Educational Programs Outside Greece.

The LAEK-0.45% program cannot include::

  1. Home educational programs.
  2. Conferences - Seminars, with a total attendance of more than 33 people.
  3. Distance learning programs.