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Robotics for children 

kindergarten and elementary school

Welcome to the robotics laboratories of K.D.V.M. Niki Karathanasi,  for our little friends. 

Our goal is to enhance the physical, cognitive, creative and social abilities and skills of our students.

We will study the full range of STEM (Physics, Programming, Engineering, Mathematics) and Educational Robotics using LEGO Education building materials 

 Equipped LEGO Education  laboratories by well- trained instructors who have attended the international program of LEGO Education Academy and have a thorough knowledge of the materials and the most modern training methods.

Students with Robotics:

  • With Physics

They study the motion, energy transfer and friction between materials

  • With Programming

They have to program the sensors and make the robot move according to an algorithm thus giving it digital intelligence.

  • With Engineering

They must be able to build and assemble accurately

  • With Mathematics

They are asked to calculate area, length or perimeter, measure dimensions and find proportions

Children who have been involved in programming and robotics from such an early age will be able to manage Mathematics and Physics much more easily later in high school.

Educational Robotics in addition to the cognitive field is a pleasant and creative occupation and has a positive effect onthe development of other critical skills of children, such as:

    • perception of space,
    • the sense of exploration,
    • flexible thinking,,
    • the ability to solve problems,,
    • compliance with rules
    • long-term knowledge retention,
    • ability to find new ideas,
    • their imagination ,
    • their critical thinking,,
    • creating representations,,
    • cooperation and communication,,
    • understanding
  • ability to trade 

Combining all these objects together robotics enhances children's self-esteem, and confidence, develops their creativity, observation and research spirit and enables them to solve problems and collaborate with team members.

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But what are the benefits to children of robotics?

Robotics for children is an experiential process that offers many benefits to our little friends. It can build basic skills for their lives, such as creativity and problem solving. The knowledge gained in the process of doing something to "work" is valuable.

Through robots, children integrate Mathematics and Physics, as well as Programming and Engineering, much better. Above all, however, understanding robotics early on will give children a basic supplyfor the future and teach them that science and technology are not something to be afraid of.

Robotics is one of the activities that follows the training model S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). In other words, it combines Physics, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.