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Russian is a rich and very beautiful language that has many similarities with Greek, especially in the structure of grammar and syntax, which facilitates the Greeks in their quest to learn Russian.

New economic and political data have created the need for daily linguistic contacts with the Russian-speaking public. Thus knowledge of the Russian language, with its unquestionable prestige, is now considered indispensable for carrying out commercial activities and fulfilling professional obligations and gives you the advantage of more job opportunities in an expanded commercial market


As it is known, the Greek-Russian economic relations have been growing more and more recently and have now covered most sectors of the Greek economy such as tourism, real estate, energy policy, agriculture and more.


More and more Russians are choosing Greece as a tourist destination. If you are interested tourism in areas such as Halkidiki, learning Russian is a must.

Knowledge of the Russian language is indispensable for introduction to Russian HEIs and as it is known, Russian universities have consistently maintained the first place in the world in the quality of education in all specialties.

At the Niki P. Karathanassis Foreign Language you will find sections and programs for all ages and needs.


  • Private lessons: We listen to your needs and do the lesson at your own pace to get the best results for you in the shortest possible time.


  • Summer Lessons: Invest Your Summer Properly! Lesson 2 times a weekweek in total: 9 weeks with 3 weeks of vacation you can take a whole class.Fees reasonable in terms of benefits and education.


  • Start your preparation in May. Do you want to get a degree in December? Start your preparation in May.


  • Adult courses at 35€ per month: 2 hours per week in Russian at all levels.



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