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It is a very important language especially for those who:

  • They are involved in trade.. Italy is Greece's 2nd largest trading partner.


  • They want to get involved in tourism. Every summer Italian tourists flood the Greek islands and are the third best customers of middle and high standard of living (data from a study conducted by the Academy of Tourism Research and Studies).


  • They are interested in studies in Italy. There are major universities in Italy for both integrated studies and part-time study through the Erasmus programs.


  • They present with learning difficulties such as dyslexia. Choosing a second language based on a similar writing system to the mother tongue is preferable in the sense that this familiarity will have a positive effect. Even the Italian language is one of the few languages that have very good vocal adaptation (usually each letter of the alphabet corresponds to a unique sound).


  • They are also interested in learning other foreign languages. The influence of Italian on the so-called Latin languages is undoubtedly decisive. Therefore learning Italian opens the way for learning Spanish, French, Portuguese and other European languages.

At the Niki P. Karathanassis Foreign Language you will find sections and programs for all ages and needs.


  • Summer Lessons: Invest Your Summer Properly!
    • Lesson 2 times a week in total: 9 weeks with 3 weeks of vacation you can take a whole class.
    • Fees reasonable in terms of benefits and education.


  • New Segments from May. Do you want to get a degree in December?

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  • Private lessons: We listen to your needs and do the lesson at your own pace to get the best results for you in the shortest possible time.


  • Adult courses at 35€ per month: 2 hours per week in Italian at all levels.