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If you've ever wondered why you learn French just think:

  • French is a language with a lively presence on all five continents (200 million speak French as an official language).


  • It is the language of diplomacy, art culture, the language of gastronomy and fashion, the language that makes you stand out.


  • French is one of the official languages of the, UN, of the European Union and one of the two official languages of the European Council. Many states, along with their local language, have French as their official language.


  • An asset to the business!

French multiplies job opportunities in:

  • politics and economy
  • law and diplomacy
  • technology and construction
  • communications and services
  • tourism


  • French and English are the two working languages of the European Union and they are represented worldwide.


  • The top six of Europe's top ten schools in business organization and management are French according to the "Financial Times" racing

At the Niki P. Karathanassis Foreign Language you will find sections and programs for all ages and needs.


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  • Summer Lessons: Invest Your Summer Properly!
    • Lesson 2 times a week in total: 9 weeks with 3 weeks of vacation you can take a whole class.
    • Fees reasonable in terms of benefits and education.


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  • Adult courses at 35€ per month: 2 hours per week in Turkish at all levels.